Frequently asked questions

My pet won't sit or stay. How do you work your magic?

Most domestic pets only have basic obedience levels. A bit of practice with sit and stay is all we need, and a few tantalizing treats will usually do the trick!

I'd like my family to be in some of the photos, is that OK?

Absolutely, I'm in the business of making memories for families. I can provide you with suggestions for outfits and answers to any other questions that pop up.

I have lots of pets, can they all be in the same photo?

I will give it a go! This really depends on the type of pets and their temperaments, contact me to give me a full run down of your fur babies and I can give you a better idea of what kind of magic we can create.

Where is your studio?

It's in Rosemeadow, a suburb just south of Campbelltown.
It's a simple home studio, which has the benefit of privacy, and the opportunity for your dog to have a run around and stretch their legs in my yard before we begin the session.

How many pets are included?

Full sessions include up to 3 animals. Extra animals are an extra $50 each.

Do you offer digital files?

Yes! In fact, that's all I offer. In this busy world full of change and craziness, I know you might want photos of your beautiful fur baby, but maybe don't have anywhere to hang them yet. That's why you receive high resolution digital files. You can keep them forever, and when you are ready to showcase them, you can print, frame, put on canvas, put on mug or a t-shirt, whatever your heart desires!

Do you photograph litters?

Puppies?! Kittens?! ABSOLUTELY!
There are special rates available for ethitcal and registered breeders. Get in touch tochat about your requirements

Do you do outdoor or in home sessions?

No. I'm a studio based photographer.
I love to be able to control the light and every bit of the situation.
I'm definitely more at home indoors than outdoors!

Why are your prices cheaper than other professional pet photographers?

I love to be able to offer my services to people from all walks of life. People like me who LOVE their pets, but maybe can't afford to drop thousands of dollars on a session and wall art. I fill the gap in between. My sessions are affordable for most average people and I offer digital files so you can choose your own budget when printing your photos.